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test 09.11

By test.test CS:GO 09 Nov 2018

this year I was very excited for BlizzCon and got myself a virtual ticket. I did not realize it also gives access to Blizzard merch early, so I was stoked to discover that I can buy an official Blizzard backpack and customize it with cool badges and for a very cheap price, too! I however could not find the dimensions or materials of the bag and was a bit nervous about it. I thought it might be a cheap Chinese off-brand bag or be super tiny. I took the plunge anyway. Boy was I wrong to worry!


The bag is very nice and feels great. It is padded and thick, but also comfortable on the bag. Its pitch black on the outside, which makes it stylish on every type of clothing. The inside is grey and has Blizzard and game logos such as Hearthstone and WoW. It’s fantastic! The bag comes with a set of patches of all Blizzard games. I also ordered 2 packs of blind patches. I got Soldier 76,


The Horde, some Diablo skeleton I don’t care about, a Hearthstone card back, “Well Played” bubble, and Protoss. I traded a couple with a friend and got the Sombra skull, which is my favorite. All around this is a great purchase and I recommend it!